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Asbo cross dresser was wrongly jailed


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High Court rules Asbo cross dresser was wrongly jailed

A man who upset children by dressing up as a schoolgirl was wrongly jailed by magistrates, the High Court has ruled.

Peter Trigger, of Northampton, received an Anti-social Behaviour Order (Asbo) in 2008 banning him from showing bare legs when children arrived for school.

The 60-year-old was later given a suspended sentence for breaching the Asbo and the sentence was activated last October.

Two judges said the case involved a “sorry catalogue of errors”.

Peter Trigger
Peter Trigger
Photo issued by Northampton Borough Council of Peter Trigger

Trigger, of Thorplands, was given the five-year Asbo in 2008 for conduct which included wearing a school uniform with short skirt and bending over to reveal his bare legs.

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